WiFi Wise

  • Client:
    WiFi Wise B.V.
  • Commission type:
    Website (and text editing) and total branding
  • Link (website also in English):
WiFi Wise verbindt alles en iedereen

Wireless without worries

WiFi Wise knows exactly what is needed for a perfectly working wireless network. They (re)design and manage all kinds of WiFi-networks, put their teeth into the toughest problems and make other people WiFi Wise as well.
Where other companies are pulling out their hair, these WiFi guys are having a blast. We had to surpress their natural tendency of *exactly* showing their measurements and equipment. That is very important for their work, but the average reader has long since dropped out. The biggest challenge was to emphasize their expert status in an accessible way. It was really nice to read the positive reactions on the website. It's safe to say that our mission is a success. Yesss!

Always connected in your offices

Hospitality in the leisure industry

Everybody online in class

No downtime in the industry

Extra safe networks in hospitals

Smart retail solutions

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