Unbeaten tracks

Creativity. Espresso. Flip thinking.

It is 2006 – I take the plunge and start as entrepreneur. A decision I did not even regret for a minute.

Captain Obvious here: I love being a graphic designer. In my next life I could become a surgeon instead (I think now), yet apart from that, I am extremely satisfied with my decisions.

About me:

I am very driven to show the world the best version of your organization. I like to ask exactly the right questions, so that I can find out what you have in mind (without knowing it yourself). I gladly discuss your strategic goals with you, after which I make the visual translation independently. I am curious, honest, practical and I am interested in you as a person.

About you:

You know what you want with your organization and are serious about it. You don't have time for micro management, and you don't like half work. You are looking for a designer with whom you can transform your rough ideas into something fantastic. You like to challenge and be challenged in a pleasant way. Oh, and you're a nice person. :-)

The coffee table of my studio. Or would you rather have tea?

Come on, chop chop!

People often ask me where the name ‘Dai Dai Design’ comes from. In Italian, ‘dai dai’ means something like ‘come on, chop chop’. In my opinion that is both an encouragement for my clients and myself. Besides, it is a personal tribute to Italy, where I had endless fun living.

Partners and co-workers

Julia van Straaten

Master student in Games Technology, IT University Copenhagen. Frontend hero. Creative.

Julia is smart, precise and above-average interested in the world around her. Already from the age of ten on, she decided that Photoshop and Flash were a great addition to her analogous drawing works. Her creativity and technical knowledge are extremely valuable, and whenever she can find some time, she helps along!

Frank Goijarts

Buddy for concept and (Dutch) text. Out of the box. Witty sense of humour! :-)
Especially with Frank we try to aim beyond design: we cross boundaries. Going bonkers while keeping it down to earth. Listening, viewing, unravelling, playing and forming it into something new that excels and feels as if it has always been yours. The smile of serious searching solidified in shape and text. Not for everyone!

Alies de Groot

Very talented and versatile illustrator, designer, creative centipede.
If you provide Alies with a piece of paper and a pencil or pan, it will soon turn into something beautiful (or crazy). I don’t think there is anything that makes her happier than a great illustration task. Collaboration with Alies is a true party. We sense one another, which truly reflects in our co-productions.

Marie-Anne Melis

Joomla! and WordPress specialist. Programs custom solutions. Super smart.
Ever since 2007 I have worked together with Marie-Anne namely for web design. Once upon a time I asked a technical question on a forum. As quick as can be, a clear answer appeared from Marie-Anne. This characterises her. She works both analytically and pragmatically. She is intelligent and cool, always prepared to think along.

Laura van Straaten

International business student. Talented translator.

If one of our Dutch clients needs a translation into English, I call Laura. She has definitely a knack for languages. Maybe that's because she has to write a awful lot for her studies. In English, of course.

Hubaer Kusters

Product photographer. Eye for every single pixel. Great person to work with!

Hubaer’s motto is ‘The perfect shot gets you more attention’. And this is exactly what he excels at: capturing what the client is proud of. Whether it be a delicious cake, a luxury watch or a rooftile with a nice shine to it. Light out, spotlights on!

Bela & Vito

Vizsla's (AKA Velcro Vizlsa's). Studio dwellers. Overly enthusiastic!!

As soon as you walk through the door, Vito will greet you like a friend who went on a long travel. He'll do that at eye-level, to be precise. Bela does so similarly, in a toned-down way. As soon as they are aware you will stay a little while, they will calm down again. 

My goal in life

Is to be as good as a person as my Vizsla's already think I am.


Mi manchi come l'aria che respiro

“Be strong”

I whisper to my coffee


“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”   ―Stephen King


“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.”

―Dorothy Parker